“The Secret Life of the Satanic Witch”

22 Dec

It seems WeTV (a channel similar to Lifetime) has gotten pretty damn diverse. I thought it was just cooking shows but they’ve actually got a show about Satanism. Gotta give ’em kudos for giving us the spotlight there, but it would be nice if for once the media could interview someone who truly represented the philosophy.

Oh yeah, I guess that would never happen because as they mentioned at the beginning of the show, most Satanists don’t like to be known. Only the ones who drive Cadillac hearses and are stupid enough to perform rituals on national television.

But hey, to each his own. I have always enjoyed shocking people but I attempt to at least be somewhat classy about it. I’d love to own a hearse, but I don’t think I’d be dropping my kids off at school in it everyday. To me the ideal Satanist has the ability to transform him or herself at a moment’s notice. They get home from their 9 – 5, working as a dentist or customer service rep and break out the bondage gear. They can easily adapt to any situation in order to pursue their agenda.

I’ve seen that the “Satanists” who go around looking like they just stepped out of Hot Topic every day are generally pretty clueless when it comes to adapting the actual principles.  The red and black, the chains, the upside down crosses and pentegrams have become a uniform for an anti-religion that holds individuality in one of the highest regards.

I think people confuse individuality with non-conformity. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a goth girl at heart. I love lacing up a corset, some thigh high boots and watching men swoon. But there’s a time and a place for everything, even being conventional. I absolutely hate having to wear uniforms at work, or dress “nice” for a family event, but I know that if it works to my advantage it is worth the sacrifice. This is a concept that it’s taken me a long time to accept, because I’m the type of girl that honestly thrives off the disapproving looks of religious snobs, but I am glad that I’ve realized it.


One Response to ““The Secret Life of the Satanic Witch””

  1. Kira =] January 4, 2012 at 10:25 pm #

    Yes, there is a time & place for everything. And most people hate dressing nice for family photos/events- my husband included. =]

    Unfortunately, many people must work to overcome stereotypes and misconceptions because people refuse to educate themselves about others different from what they experienced/live. Hence, everyone thinks “Mormons” have at least 2 wives or 10 kids and are very simple people that never do wrong & live in Utah. Instead we should just view people as individuals and give them the benefit of the doubt to show us who they really are instead of assuming.

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