Writing Rituals

5 Dec

Still alive. I feel an update is necessary as I approach a milestone in my spirituality. I have researched many if not all sects of Satanic “religion” – from the theistic to the LaVeyan. I find that none seem to sit exactly right with me. The basic philosophy of Satanism clicks, particularly the emphasis on an individual search for truth and true knowledge. I find myself particularly fixated on the ritualistic aspects as well. However I do find problems with some parts of the theology and especially the ritualistic wordings.

After jumping way too quickly into rituals, I decided to reluctantly put it aside for a time. I realized that I first needed to know exactly what I was invoking and why. I needed to learn the meanings behind the foreign words. Learn who these beings behind the fancy names really were before calling upon them for help.

I have realized that LaVeyan ritualism commands the forces of darkness to act on your behalf, whereas theistic Satanic ritual tends to be more reverent, inviting them rather than presumptuously commanding. This is why I have chosen to lean more toward spiritual Satanism in ritual. I read somewhere that one should call on infernal beings with reverence, but as if they were familiar friends. This is what I choose to do.

I have also found that the internet is almost useless in learning about Satanism or any pagan school of thought. I have been researching Norse paganism, druidism and even necromancy a bit too. I have found that the best places for study are definitely in books. The internet may contain some answers but for the most part it seems to be a vast pool of misinformation.

Nonetheless, I highly recommend theisticsatanism.com. It seems to have a lot of good insight that includes thoroughly researched essays and tips on writing your own rituals. I believe in future rituals I will be using this invocation rather than the one from The Satanic Bible:

Invocation to Satan


Hail, Satan, Lord of Darkness, King of Hell, Ruler of the Earth, God of this World!
God Who invites us to become as gods!

Muse of our civilization, Dread Enemy of its tyrant god! Satan, mighty Liberator, Bearer of true Light!

God of our flesh, God of our minds, God of our innermost Will!

O mighty Lord Satan, teach us to become strong and wise! Teach us to vanquish the enemies of our freedom and well-being!


I believe I will however stick with the LaVeyan(?) opening “In nomine dei nostri Satanas Luciferi excelsi” because upon employing the use of an online translator I do find it to be agreeable. According to Google, the English translation is “In the name of our God, Satan, Lucifer of the Most High”.


Other recommended links:

Why I don’t recommend LaVey’s rituals (theisticsatanism.com)

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One Response to “Writing Rituals”

  1. Aleister Nacht December 19, 2011 at 10:24 am #

    Great post. It is good to see you are still searching for answers. Too many times people follow without examination. Satanism is individual and must “fit” the follower completely. Good luck on your journey!


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