Southern Pagan Presence

10 Oct

Let me preface this by stating that I do realize that not all Satanists would consider themselves Pagan. By definition a Pagan is someone whose religious beliefs deviate from any popular church. I just want it to be known that I do realize that Satanism and Paganism are not necessarily synonymous.

Events of the last few days have done nothing but further instill my belief that I am headed down the right Path. In the very short time I have been knowingly subscribing to these beliefs, I have found that Pagans have been coming out of the woodwork even here in Alabama.

Maybe I had never noticed them before, but it is becoming clear to me that our numbers may not be quite as few as I had originally thought. Last night I met a young Druid who recently came into Priesthood. Being a natural skeptic I at first thought he was full of it, but after speaking with him extensively I found that he really did seem to know his stuff. He told me he had had a vision about me a few days prior to meeting me, had described me to his friends.

Today I went shopping for an athame and was pleasantly surprised to meet another: a very interesting looking woman at a shop. She knew by what I was looking at and buying what I was into. She reminded me that the tools used in ritual are not meant to be depended upon, that many forget they are merely supposed to be used to put one in the right mindset. She had some unique insight into sex magic as well.

When I left the shop, I found myself smiling. It is amazing to make these connections so quickly. Of course I no longer believe there is some “cosmic” force at work, but I am finding it easier to “sniff out” others of a like mind. I’ll spare the corny line “We’re all connected”, but it is strange how like consciousnesses seem to find one another somehow.


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