Intense Emotions & Orgasm in Satanic Magic

10 Oct

In the studies of my new spirituality I have learned that intense emotions can be used to get what you want. Growing up with a Chiropractor dad and “Herbalist” mom, I have been exposed to New Age/alternative medicines and therapies of various sorts. My mother is certified to practice Reiki, a Japanese technique centered around the transfer of energy via a metallic wand or “the laying on of hands”.

Previously I had rolled my eyes as soon as I heard someone talking about energy and whatnot. Now I know without a doubt the power we as thinking, feeling humans have within ourselves, we merely have to learn how to use it and channel it in a productive way.

Think about it, how many self-help books are there that talk about visualizing what you want? The Satanic Bible takes this to another level by rather boldly stating that through a process or ritual, one can use emotions – intensified to the highest point possible – and visualization to get what they want in the real world.

I am still learning, but from what I gather thus far the process works through the release of energy and a strong will/intention. Desire is one of the key ingredients to Satanic magic. When one pairs that with the release of energy/emotion, it is “sent out” and one will presumably reap the rewards.

Death is the ultimate release of energy. For obvious reasons, one generally will not get an opportunity to utilize that in ritual. The closest one can come to harnessing that type of energy is through the use of la petite mort: “the little death” (orgasm).

The Satanic Bible contains a Lust Ritual that requires the person performing the ritual to use “whatever means necessary” to obtain the most intense orgasm possible. This clicked with me when I read it, because it makes perfect sense!

Knowing that the energy released through orgasm can be directed in such a way, it makes me wonder how I can utilize other less pleasurable intense emotions in a good way. I’m talking mostly about rage and anger. The next time someone or something really pisses me off, I want to be able to channel that into something useful to me.

I’m still learning and researching. Another post will follow with my findings.

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2 Responses to “Intense Emotions & Orgasm in Satanic Magic”

  1. Kira =] October 11, 2011 at 3:19 pm #

    You have a title with intense orgasm and you should get plenty of web hits!
    I have never heard the term le petite mort for orgasm. Why is it described as a little death? Isn’t it one of the best things about being alive?

    I wasn’t able to find the lust ritual in your link (at least I think, but I can’t be sure- don’t really know how to read parts of it) to see what you are talking about.

    Very good theory about turning other emotions into something useful. Definitely update.

    As far as orgasms go, you already know the basis of what I believe and practice- so I stick to only 1 partner- my husband. But even then there are no other rules- so I do use whatever means to get what I want. Though not sure if that’s exactly what you are talking about. But either way it’s hella good and intoxicating to get to a new level even stronger than the last. TMI?

  2. aveverignosis October 14, 2011 at 2:36 am #

    Not at all! I hope to hear much more of what you have to say! 🙂

    I first heard le petite mort somewhere in a movie. The French have a take on things that many of us can’t quite understand, but I find it interesting nonetheless!

    The lust ritual I referenced is found in The Satanic Bible. It involves incantations, lighting candles and such – but the basis of it is visualization of what you really want, and using the energy released through orgasm as a means of obtaining it. It’s kind of out there, but the more I learn about it the more it makes sense.

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