The Becoming: My Vow

8 Oct

No turning back now…


No longer will I hide in shame. No longer will I resist my True Nature. No longer will I miserably wait for some mythical scrap of corrupted, overused, worm-eaten Knowledge, Dead Deity or False Notion to save me. “I am mine own Redeemer”, all others are dead and arbitrary in my Universe. I dedicate myself to myself and no other. From this moment on, I liberate myself of all forced notions of Right and Wrong, Good and Evil. My world has officially been turned upside down, and I will never look back or question my reasoning. What I feel is Law, and that is all. I do not need a reason. My intuition is my best asset against pain.

I own this world. This is MY reality. Those I meet along the way are there for my enjoyment, though I will strive to show respect and responsibility. Though I may grow fond of those I feel deserving, I swear before Satan I will do my best to no longer cheapen myself by allowing other Human Animals in with such frightful abandon. I know now that this is carelessly giving them power over me. I know now that this has caused me much unnecessary pain and useless sorrow. With the aid of his teachings, carefully picked apart and questioned by me, the Supreme God of my own reality – I will become the Burning Star I always wanted to be in secret but never had the courage to earn until this day, 06 October 2011. The Day that marks the beginning of my acceptance of the totality of my existence, with no editing or omissions due to worry for others feelings, acceptance, love or anything else.


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